League Of Legends Helper Tool

admin Jan 28, 2014 0

How to download and install:

1) Download 

2) Save it anywhere on the PC (no installation needed)

3) Start the tool and you will see the following message: 

4) Do as it says, restart the tool and it will be auto-renamed for maximum security.

5) After it loads you will be prompted to login with username and password: 

6) Please register a new account if you don’t have one already, name it differently from the one you use in LoL also use a different password and never share your account details with anybody.

7) After you have registered your account, login into XZR APP with it.

8) After that on the left you will see a list with the available tools, please make your choice from LOLHT VIP or LOLHT Lite, later i will explain the differences between those two. 

9) On the new dialog you have to choose if you need to use the “Current” version or “Older version”, often NA/Eu/Br/Tr/Ru servers have the latest patch, and servers like “Garena/Vietnam/Philiphines have old versions” you will have to find which one of the tools doesn’t give you errors and press [LOAD] to install it: 

10) After that … you are ready, just minimize XZR APP with loaded tab on LOLHT and you are ready, just make sure it says “LOADED” before you start playing games.

Note that you can start the tool after your LoL match has started to avoid any possible crashes/problems.

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